You can create a new hash club even if you were just a visitor; if the hash wants to take over the administration, they can contact us to arrange this, hint hint. Hashes are under no obligation to arrange payment through Hashtrash / Makesweat, we just need to know their home currency in case they ever wish to do this.

New hash club

Welcome to Hashtrash.org - every Hash, every Hasher


In shoe boxes and complex spreadsheets all over the planet, Hash Cashes diligently track how many hashes each hasher has attended. From time to time, a hasher might hit a milestone; 50, 100, 1000 hashes. Much rejoicing and beer follows!

Makesweat.com is a community-focused club & event platform created by Unprotected Cox from Cantab HHH & London City HHH. It allows hashers to enroll for their hashes, and Hash Cashes to keep track of who's attended and whether they've paid.

Using Hashtrash

The records from hashes tracked on Makesweat are displayed on Hashtrash, with features unique to hashing; hash names where available and never surnames.

To get your Hash on Hashtrash, it needs to exist on Makesweat.com. Head there and search for your Hash. If it's not there, you'll need to create it. Make sure that 'Default Activity' is set to 'Hash House Harrier Run'.

Once you start creating and tracking hash runs they'll appear on Hashtrash.

In the coming months we'll make it possible for you to add hashes to Hashtrash even if they're not being managed on Makesweat and edit your hash numbers per hash. Stay tuned!

Unprotected Cox


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